Jobs Factory is an online portal which is aimed at supporting prospective candidates looking for jobs in frontline roles in companies that demonstrate fair employer approach and policies. Traditionally, candidates for all frontline jobs are hired either through advertisement, campus hiring, and sourcing through employment exchange support.  As a result many organizations have challenge in reaching out to the potential / deserving candidates and vice-versa owing to the inaccessibility for both to reach each other. This portal tries to bring both the stakeholders together.

Also, job creations across diverse industries are not in sync with the student population passing out every year across the spectrum of courses. Thus the portal also acts as a platform for the college and industry community to interact, and take support for their mutual benefit. The below-mentioned differentiators and target audience focus should give you more clear understanding on this portal’s coverage & what it aims to achieve.

JobsFactory is an initiative by Career Tree HR Solutions (

The Differentiators

  • Reaching out to the young India by cutting across the strata.
  • Enlightening the young India on the opportunities in organized sectors.
  • Furthering the technology revolution in hiring at the grassroots for frontline positions.
  • Connecting the deserving candidates and fair-practice employers.
  • Acting as an interface between the industries and College.
  • Giving back to the community in the form of educational scholarship.

The Focus

  • Jobs - CTC of 6 Lacs and Below
  • Industries - Across Industries and Domains
  • Geography - All Industrially Developed States
  • Beneficiaries - 10th Standard Qualified & above


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