Welcome to Jobs Factory,

This page is meant for the educational / coaching institutes who seek the support of Jobs Factory in finding job for their students either through campus or off-campus selection process. Here is a brief about how we could help the institutes ....

    • Any institute must register themselves to become the member of Jobs Factory to avail this service.
    • Upon registration, they will get a unique access id and exclusive web-space in the Jobs Factory server.
    • The webpage provided to the institution will have provisions to share about the institution, its uniqueness, its capability, the credentials, and certain vital statistics of the final-year students available for campus-placement etc. The institute will also have the access to edit, add or modify the details. The student detail alone will be considered valid for a period of one-year only from the time of uploading. All other details / prospects of the institution will be available in the display until the subscription is valid.
    • Institute will get to know about the details of companies (campus news alters), who are looking to hire people through campus provided the job descriptions match with that of the students profile. The institute could also touch-base with these companies through mail and send invitation to them for campus-recruitment.
    • On the other hand, all the companies who have registered with Jobs Factory will be able to view all the details that the institute has uploaded in its web-space. Each organization will have their own criteria to decide on the institute for campus-interviews and accordingly shortlist and touch-base with the institute.
    • Independent of this, the students can enroll themselves directly into Jobs Factory as prospective candidates, where the usual process for a registered candidate is followed.

If this service / support is something which you feel would add value to the employment prospects of your students, you may start applying through the link given below. For details about the subscription fee pl. refer to the subscription fee details through this link........ (SUBSCRIPTION FEE link here)


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