PM wants employment generation to be priority in policymaking New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has directed that all proposals sent to the cabinet must state the number of jobs they can generate, in a renewed bid to push employment generation to the centre of policymaking and project conceptualisation. The government, which will soon complete three years, is going all out to ensure it delivers on the promise of creating 1 crore jobs. Every... View More >>

After launching the Digital India Programme in a massive scale, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday announced the launch of National Career Service (NCS) Portal to be implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Modi stressed on the need for developing family bond like relations between employee and employer. He believes that this will not only strengthen economy of the country but will also ensure wellbeing of both entrepreneurs... View More >>

High on hope street, the job market promises pay hikes in the range of 10-30 per cent and aggressive hiring by the private sector in 2016, but a push will need to come from e-commerce and 'Make in India'. Another boost can come from the Seventh Pay Commission, which will trigger a big hike in salaries of the government employees, and a domino's effect can be seen on pay packets of many in the private sector as well. As 2015... View More >>

In schools and colleges we're taught many subjects but it is surprising that many of life lessons are hardly included in the curriculum. Consider the case of choosing a career. In very few cases we can find institutions or courses offering formal career guidance. So more often than not people have to make uninformed career choices. Choosing a career is one among the most significant milestones in our lives and one should be fully... View More >>

TELCO (now Tata Motors) had big dreams and plans in the 1970s. The market for trucks was booming, with the waiting list for new trucks as long as 6-7 years. Telco decided to expand production and build new factories near Pune. It could raise the money, but it couldn't buy machines, equipment and dies required because imports were restricted and there were no suppliers yet in India. Telco had to make the machines and dies itself, and it... View More >>

HR People are in great demand today. From small time domestic outfits to transnational corporations, all are vying to have quality HR people in their HR Department. So is this'hype' or a 'need'? Corporate pundits believe that tomorrow's corporate war is going to be fought for 'Human Capital/People/ Men'. In the form of quality HR professionals, wise organizations are hence attracting; developing and keeping able... View More >>


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