Prime Minister Launches National Career Service Portal

After launching the Digital India Programme in a massive scale, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday announced the launch of National Career Service (NCS) Portal to be implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Modi stressed on the need for developing family bond like relations between employee and employer. He believes that this will not only strengthen economy of the country but will also ensure wellbeing of both entrepreneurs and workers. He said,

Change is a symptom of a vibrant system. The line dividing the welfare of an industry and an industrialist; the welfare of the nation and the government and the welfare of labourers and trade unions is very delicate and needs to be treaded carefully.

Who’ll benefit from NCS

  • Unemployed candidates seeking jobs

  • Students seeking career counselling

  • Candidates seeking vocational / occupational guidance

  • Illiterate, under-privileged sections of society, blue-collar workers seeking placements and guidance

  • Person with different abilities (PWDs), ex-servicemen, veterans / senior citizens, etc.

  • Employers seeking suitable candidates

National Career Service

National Employment Service comprising a network of 978 Employment Exchanges will be transformed into National Career Service (NCS) by leveraging information technology to improve the delivery of services. The previous system required job seekers to physically visit the Employment Exchanges for registration, verify their records and wait for opportunities to come. Similarly, the employers had to visit Employment Exchanges for posting job vacancies and obtaining a list of eligible candidates with little flexibility. Thus both jobseekers and employers were unsatisfied.

Taking Jobs Online

The NCS portal provides a nation-wide online platform for jobseekers and employers for job matching in a dynamic, efficient and responsive manner.

  1. The NCS will make available a rich repository of career content on over 3000 occupations across 53 sectors.

  2. The services under NCS are available online and can be accessed directly, through career centres, Common Service Centres, mobile devices, cyber cafes etc.

  3. The NCS Portal will facilitate organisation of job fairs where both employers and job seekers can interact. A dedicated helpdesk (multi-lingual) is also available from Tuesday to Sunday on 1800-425-1514 for assisting users.

The Government has also approved the establishment of 37 Model Career Centres which will be functional this year. The NCS will establish a network of career counsellors where the career centres will become the hub of career counselling in their area. The portal will offer a variety of other services like information on skill development courses, apprenticeship, internship, career counselling, etc.


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