Welcome to Jobs Factory,

As you experience the features at this site and hear the feedback from the users, you would understand the significant value addition that this job portal intends to create in the space of frontline employee recruitmnet and grass root level employment. It could well turn out to be another technology revolution in the hiring space.

JobsFactory invites professional organizations and educational institutions to partner to reach out to all their related stakeholders through this portal services.

Some of the reasons to consider partnering with us

  • First of its kind concept and technology platform in India exclusively for frontline jobs.
  • Innovative service options that connects well with all regions, industries and jobs.
  • The portal will ease the present challenge that the Indian industries are presently facing with respect to the frontline recruitment in terms of getting numbers, quality and high level of attrition. Thereby the portal helps in bringing down the recruitment lead-time.
  • Highly cost-effective tool for hiring of the frontline staff compared to the existing avenues that companies use at present.
  • High degree of data authenticity and security through virtual hosting server enabling high speed access.
  • Excellent interfacing facilities between candidate, employer and the educational institutions making the portal unique and competitive.
  • Last but not the least  you are partnering with a company that stands for ethical practices, recognizes and rewards the partners for their contribution.

If you are interested to explore further, please get in touch with us by filling-up the form given below.


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